4 Reasons Promotional Flash Drives Are Great for Marketing Your Business


Not many marketing tactics can match promotional products in their ability to boost brand awareness and attract new clients. If you can be creative with the branded material you give away, your customers will find something functional and aesthetically pleasing to use, while your brand will benefit from the repeat exposure.

 Custom shaped flash drives are a good example of cool promotional products you can give to customers. These can be created in the form of your logo or anything that represents your brand identity. You can also have flash drives made in the mould of pens, wristbands, or cards. Here are a few reasons why you want to use custom shaped flash drives to promote your business:

Longer lasting impact

A conventional advertisement is set to run for a limited amount of time, usually under a minute. Even if the advert runs for weeks on TV, the amount of exposure cannot beat an actual physical product that your target market can connect with. When you gift someone a pen, a keychain, or a notebook, you can bet that they will be using the item for quite some time, probably on a daily basis. Having your logo on the item means the product leaves a longer-lasting impression on the customer's mind.

Greater brand exposure

The repeat exposure of your brand name, logo or slogan increases brand recognition. A customer is more likely to remember a company if they've seen it hundreds or thousands of times. Promotional items have this kind of effect, especially if they serve a purpose. Promotional USBs have the advantage that they can reach audiences beyond those you distribute to. People will inevitably share flash drives, which means more people getting exposed to your company.

Enhance brand reputation
Brands spend years to build a solid profile. By using promotional items like flash drives, you significant can cut down on this time. You can also be sure that the recipients will remember the name of your company and that they will have a favorable image of it simply because of your goodwill gesture.

Less costly

Using branded promotional flash drives to promote your company is cheaper that many traditional marketing tactics. These items are lowly priced, but can still make a huge impact on the customer. And when you bulk order, the price per unit goes down. Additionally, since these items can be shared or re-gifted to other people, it means that you'll get great exposure at a relatively low cost.